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what ammo do people like the most for knex guns? Answered

I would like to know what ammo people like because I would like to make guns that use the most popular ammo here is a list of examples of different knex ammo blue rods yellow rods green rods grey rods grey connectors grey and orange connector joined (like in my m110)


i have to say yellow rods, because, as ive answerd many times, the yellow rod has more mass than the blue, whit, and green rods. because of this, the same force that forces a rod of the color blue, would make the yellow rod shoot farther. the yellow rod is more aerodynamic than the blue, white, and definitly the green rods, because it is lengthy enough to get the distance, sleeker than the other rods, no matter what the thickness is. gravity will nto affect any rod more than another, but longer rods are more likely to bend in the air than any other rod, including yellow. the green rods dont ever shoot straight, they always spin uncontrollably in the air. anything smaller than the yellow rod had less mass, so when force is being applied to one of the smaller rods, it expels the same force, but not enough to counteract the drag produced by it, wheras the yellow rods are able to cancel it, and exceed that force. i think yellow rods are the best because they work best fore snipers. red and grey rods shoot harder, but they dont get as much distance. yellow rods dont hit as hard, but they make that up in the distance they can shoot. take my sniper for example, it shoots yellow rods, and can get up to 120 feet. i tried it with a blue, white, and even green rod, and it didn't even shoot close to as far. you may say that the sniper wasn't disigned for other types of rods, so i tried one of each in a simple ram through the white connectors, and behold, the yellow rod went farther by a good 20 feet. you may argue that blue rods, white rods, and green rods are better for pistols, and they are, but only for some cases. Other times yellow rods make better projectiles. i hope this helps! :) -Ksp

I somewhat agree.....however, I tested and yes in fact; the longer the rod, the more the range. Also, the longer the rod, the lower the accuracy, at its' farthest range. Blue and green rods are by far the most accurate to me. While the longer rods do have stunning power, they flip randomly making them useless for accuracy. Blue and green rods tend to flip only vertically as opposed to the other ammo that flip uncontrollably. This can be solved by adding fletchings or ''fins'', but they can only be used with a slingshot mechanism. One exception is a turret ramrod guns, but I find those unreliable.....

iver tried bending rods before and i have to say blue barely bends but yellow does a few times

trust me, i can easily break a blue rod. but they do bend in the air...

this should be a forum, so you can put down stuff people like...you know

oh, darn it -_-, im trying to get as many best answers as i can, so that is why i write lengthy responses.

read the question before you answer your point backed up why to use yellow rods but I was asking what ammo is the most popular

These are for ramrod guns (my preferences)

Close Combat: Gray clips
Ranged Combat: Blue rods

Close Combat: Blue or yellow rods
Ranged Combat: Red rods

Assault Pistols
Close Combat: Oodammo
Ranged Combat: Blue or yellow rods

the most common types of ammo for the different types:
Fixed handle magazine pistols:
Grey connectors
Range 20-25 ft.
Clip fed handle magazine pistols:
Green rods
Range 20-25 ft.
Fixed magazine pistols:
All rods
Range 20-60 ft.
Detatchable clip fed pistols:
Blue-Yellow rods (orange connectors included)
Range 30-50 ft.
Fixed magazine rifle
Blue-Red rods
Range 30-65 ft.
Clip fed rifles:
Green-Yellow rods
Range 30-65 ft.
Oodammo guns

Have you tried oodammo? It is actually amazing, so accurate and it doesn't flip in the air either.

whats the dif. between a lt gray connector and a dark grey connector, wich one has two parts to connect rods to?

 I use blue, because it fits into a realistic mag, The yellow is just too long to fit into a realistic mag, but it does work as a projectile better. I use it for snipers, and guns I want power, and not realism. But I use blue more often. Here is my scale:
Green: pisol, smg
White: pistol, smg
blue: smg assualt rifle
yellow assualt rifle, sniper
red sniper
grey sniper/ cannon of doooomm
I dont use connectors as ammo, because I dont have nearly as many of them. And i find that they are more important, but oodammo is an accption. 

red connector and white rod together, its hard to make the gun, but its totally powerful, and also blue rods are good

grey and orange connector joined. that going farther because wind goes there for gone

I think it depends on the weapon and what its suited for. For example, you can't exactly use a blue rod in nutty guy's M110, can you? So, if a bullet is right for that weapon, its better than one that doesn't work.


8 years ago

Blue rods they just the right size they got moderate range and accuracy.

Oodammo (a red connector and white rod) Is good for accuracy.
I myself prefer yellow rods ( They are good for range NOT accuracy.)

I prefer blue rods myself.

They provide a lot of flexibility with designs, so more variety.