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what are patches? Answered

i notices i can send 15 people patches but  what are they whats the point?



This is great to know - thank you so much for the answers!

Ok thank you all for answering my question your such a nice community!

If, in the real world, you might give a high five, send a card, or buy a celebratory coffee, here you send a patch. As Petercd says, you can send custom patches as well as selecting from a pre-drawn set.

(Just FYI, if you create your own, keep them square and high-contrast, because they are usually seen quite small.)

There's nothing in it for you, its for recognizing someone else's awesomeness. You can also create your own custom patch for those occasions where the site's patches just dont say what you want to.

This custom one I sent to a very pumped up eager youngster. :)


They are little icons you can name and send to people. It's a great way to say thank you to someone who helped you out.