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what are some cool things to do to a car? that are diy and inexpensive? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

Depends on what you're going for. I've seen some MPG aero mods that could be done with time and found materials. Befriending someone who owns a graphic shop and could give you some mistake vinyl would also be cool and free!

Destroying it, Mythbusters style!

 Let's see...

-Dropped out of helicopter
-Dropped from crane
-Blown up with gasoline and detacord
-Cut in half with thermite
-Putting stuff into the fuel tank to increase mileage
-Crunched with supersonic rocket sled (My favorite)
-Driven through a multitude if things (Fruit stand, fence, trailer)
-Cutting the drive-shaft to pole vault it
-Attaching 4 rocket engines to the back

I cant think of anything better to do with a car!


9 years ago

For looks: Repaint your car (a few tutorials to cover how to do this), Hood lights, Underglow, make/buy Exhaust Tip, LEDs in the interior, and perhaps make a cheap mesh grille. For performance: Replace your air filter if it is dirty, change your oil, replace fuel filter, replace spark plug wires with performance ones, replace brake pads/shoes, octane booster, replace spark plugs, and replace your muffler. Those are the cheapest things I can think of to modify your car for less than $200 per mod. Also, don't use junk oil and lubricants.


9 years ago

Is it currently running? I think having a running car is cool, especially if you say you got it that way yourself.

Paint. Newspaper, masking tape, skill, and a rattle can are all you really need to customize the skin. You can pinstripe, or at least try. Mineral spirits wipes off mistakes from a clearcoated vehicle.