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what are some funny pranks to play? Answered




Go into a busy public restroom in an a airport or sometin and bring a pinappele in a bag so no one sees. go in a stall, stand on the seat and drop it in the toilet. :)

For a friend about to travel by aircraft (preferably internationally):

1. Using a blender, grind dog treats into a fine powder.
2. Obtain barium sulfate (available in blanc fixe oil paint).  Mix liberally with the dog treat powder, then allow to dry.  Break this again into a fine powder.
3. Knead this powder into several eggs of white Silly Putty.
4. Take the movement from an old watch and solder two short wires to any available point.
5. Plant the Silly Putty in a carry-on bag or, if you're handy, inside an electronic device like inside the RAM panel of his/her laptop or MP3 player (or any other place your imagination takes you).  Push the modified watch movement, guts out, into the putty and sink the wires.

The dog treats will drive dogs nuts and the barium sulfate will make the putty show up on the X-ray machine as an opaque blob.  Just don't expect them to be your friend for very long if they find out it was you.

hahahaha 1st u hav 2 find all that stuff tho!!!!! lol

 and u hav 2 find someone going somewhere..........u shood do that tho!!

hahahahaha i no peps.....hehehehhehe