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what are some good scrapbook ideas?.? Answered

i love to make crafts!.
it's like my ultimate favorite hobby in the world.
i'm very artistic.
and i don't wanna have to spend a lott of money on the crafts either!   :)

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Grathio (author)2010-01-26

Probably someone you know uses Twitter and/or Flickr and would love a hand made gift.

Twitter and Flickr are only examples. Most of us have some part of our lives on the internet, use it as a resource.  How about pulling up some favorite emails?  Or go to Wikipedia and find the story of some people who are really inspiring and make a scrapbook on them. (here are a fewideas.)

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Grathio (author)2010-01-23

The very best scrapbook (and among the best presents) I ever received was a scrapbook made from a blog post.  I wrote a post about how great a time I had at an event.  They used my words and collected my photos with photos from other people who went to the same place. (Flicker, thank you.)  It's great!  I love looking through it and remembering the great time we all had.

I know a few people have made books and photobooks of some favorite Tweets (from Twitter) which might be another good source of inspiration.   Or take a friend's Facebook wall and turn it into something worth keeping.

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craftycourt14 (author)Grathio2010-01-26

what if youu don't use Twitter or Flicker?.

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