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what are some simple safe booby traps? Answered

my bro goes into my room and i hate it help....i dont wanna hurt him tho hell kill me


To make a Pressure Pad, take a piece of carpet, or a rug if you have one. You also need a few electric parts, but it shouldn't be any trouble to get them. Take two squares of tinfoil - roughly the same size - and glue one to the underside of your piece of carpet/rug/etc. Find two small pieces of foam, like those foam letters that you get for kids,or sponge and attach them to the foil square as well, at the edges. Place the other foil square on the floor, and attach a wire to each foil square. You can then use these wires to create any sort of circuit you like - maybe a klaxon, bulbs, alarm clock, anything really.


6 years ago

put a buck it filld with water over your dore

Check out my booby trap 'ible that should give him a good scare.  It's in the related or you can click on my name and look at it


9 years ago

Put a Bucket over your door filled with fake spiders or similar items, that should freak him out a bit...

It depends. Are you good at electronics? (Well, Im probobly slightly better than you if you have no idea, so I could it explain it.) Here is a web of traps. Mechanical (What you need to do to activate, then what it activates.) Door Pull, and drops item/s Door Pull, fires gun/nerf dart (Non-lethal I hope...) Door Push/Close, Pops baloon Well, ther are others, but not many for mechanical triggers. Electronical: Door pull, Buzzer Door pull, Fires Airsoft (AEG's only, however it should be like 20 bucks.) Door pull, Loud pop (Pyrotechnical, your mom may not like it.) Laser Trippmine, buzzer, pop, airsoft, (Requires Intermediate to Professional understanding of electronics.) Wire Tripmine, Buzzer, pop, airsoft, etc. (Pretty easy.) Anyways, what do you want to happen? Anything is possible really. -RoAr