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what are some ways I can 'dog proof' my cat litter boxes? Answered

 I have several indoor rescue cats so I need many boxes.  Even with daily cleaning, the dogs still manage to find those tasty 'snacks'. With many cats, the box needs to be easy to clean but still hard for the dogs to get into. The dogs are a 90lb Bernese Mountain Dog and a 9lb Chinese Crested

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orksecurityBest Answer (author)2010-03-13

The problem is,  a cat's gut isn't as efficient as a dog's and there's still a significant amount of protein left in the cat food after the cat is done with it -- sometimes more than is in dogfoods. Dogs can smell this; and being scavengers as well as hunters they aren't all that picky. In the wild, being able to take advantage of this is a survival advantage. But it's a habit that humans just don't like to think about, not to mention not being good from a disease control point of view.

The smaller dog is a problem, since it can get through any opening the cats can get through. Unless, perhaps, the path to the litterbox is elevated. I've seen a design (don't remember whether it was here or elsewhere) for a closed cabinet which had an entrance a foot or two up, with a shelf inside; the cat would jump up, walk across the shelf, jump down and walk back  under the shelf to get to the box. Doors could be opened for cleaning the box.

Might be simpler just to elevate the cat box.

Or just to work hard on training the dogs not to eat anything that they haven't been explicitly given permission to eat.

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Candor (author)2010-04-14

Why exactly would you want to stop it? You're getting free liter box cleaning

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NachoMahma (author)2010-03-14

.  As orksecurity explains, dogs just naturally love litterbox crunchies. I haven't seen his raised litterbox trick used, but it sounds very interesting.
.  With a lot of patience, many dogs can be trained to leave the crunchies alone (at least while you are around). Keep a close eye on the dogs and the litterbox. When you catch a dog going for a crunchie, reprimand. Immediacy and consistency are essential.

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