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what are you getting for christmas? tools? Answered

just wondering what you guys are getting for christmas. is there any new cool tools out? cheap? i am getting the dremel stylus, by the way is it good? i am also getting a tool box kit. (soldering iron, pliers, etc)


I said i was hoping...i never said i am. Besides, that would be splitting the price with them, i'm sure.

The ones that are out now are $400, but the 8 gig (1 gig of ram) will be out any day. It's supposedly going to be ~$425

But see, i'm also going skiing over the winter break.. does "middle one" mean the 8g pc was released? *Runs to check newegg*

I'm not asking for any tools this year, actually. I'm getting a slim DS (my boyfriend is trading my old one in) and Phantom Hourglass. :D :D :D I'll probably get giftcards or cooking stuff from everyone else.

The link won't work, so I don't know. :P But it's the newest Zelda game.

| have been doing a lot of that lately.....sorry. let me try that again: Phantom Hourglass Demo


10 years ago

I want a serger- Etsy had one, and it's awesome.

They're pricey, though, so it will require research and saving up. ;)

I remember using a serger in Family Consumer Science class. It was fun and it went to fast some people could not keep up with it, so parts of their cloth got chopped off.

Good, you can pick up one for me right, ole buddy ole pal...... LOL

That is just too funny. I wonder how the table would handle the real world? Would a sneeze freak it out? Spilled drink? The cat? My three year old?

I think so. What reminded me of this was that I saw it being used on the Sci-Fi show Eureka! and I remembered see it somewhere.

Hopefully I can win something from the Mash-Up contest and give it to one of my family members.

If yo uwant cheap tools try harbor freight. They usually have good deals, like a 140 amp stick welder for $80. I don't work for either harbor freight or pepboys (or anyone for that matter), so don't flag this as spam. Just thought you might want to know. BTW the kit mentioned above might cost 20(thats how it was advertised).

Hmphrh, my B-day came and went and all I got was $200 in overdraft fees from bounced checks (I didn't write them). grrrrr.

If you want a cheap gift consider getting them a 5 piece car emergency kit from pepboys auto. It has a jump starter battery pack, Spotlight, 200watt inverter, air compressor and emergency hammer (glass breaker/seatbelt cutter) I picked one up for $12 (32-20 rebate, limit 2) and I'm going back tomorrow to get one for my uncle. If you connect the inverter to the jumpstarter you get a portable 120VAC outlet.