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what can I come up with to convert the yellow flame from the charcoal stove to a blue flame? Answered



As Plasmana said, adding oxygen should increase the burn rate. That's what a bellows does for an old-fashioned iron smith. A new fangled version is a perforated pipe in the coal bed, with a pressurized air source connected...And just for safety's sake. don't even think about putting a metal tube in the fire and blowing into it...unless you want to burn your lips and go to the hospital for emergency grafting..

As far as I know, the blue flame indicates it has a large supply of oxygen fueling the blue flame while the yellow flame has little supply of oxygen fueling the yellow flame. So, you could try blowing in more oxygen into the fire to make it hotter.

Part of the problem is that some of the carbon doesn't burn quickly. Wood burns in two parts, the first part makes the yellow flames and then the charcoal burns and you can get blue flames.

this is easy.. find the right salt!! heres a green flame.. get some Hydrochloric Acid they sell at hardware stores as muriatic acid. dissolve cooper in it and let it evaporate.. after awhile you should have this cluster of salt at the bottom of the container.. after that, just burn it.. i can't remember what blue was.. but green reacted much better... experement..