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what can I make using a portable dvd player's screen? Answered

I have a portable dvd player with a broken power adapter. Does anyone have an idea of something to make using the lcd screen?



6 years ago

you could make an lcd projector. It would still play movies.. Or you could make a handheld game system from buying or using an old system. http://moddedbybacteria.wordpress.com/retro-console-system-modding-guides/nintendo-n64-video-guide-log/ this guy right here mods old systems. this is a guide to making a handheld nintendo. Good luck!


8 years ago

Why not fix the power adapter and use the DVD player again?

I don't really have any need of a portable dvd player, I hardly watch t.v or movies anymore, and am more interested in making something kind of cool, and learning how to do new things. Even if I did fix the adapter, I would still have a dvd player I never use.