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what can be the application of color sensor (RGB) in the industries,specifically in factories? Answered

recently,i have a problem thinking about the possible applications of the sample project given by my student assistant.Its title is "color sensor with a conveyor system and sorting capacity"can anybody help me think of a specific application of this project in factories?thanks.  



7 years ago

From the knowledge about my project, I can give the applications as
1. Brick sorter
2. To separate vegetables according to their color
3. Avoids separation of medicines in pharmautical industries.


8 years ago

Color sensors have many uses. I have customers in South America who sort raw coffee beans. I check all of the olor combinations on the inside of the Cadilac CTS and STS cars. Kitchen cabinet manufactureres use color sensors to control the stain color of components finished on differant lines. I have a customer who is sorting blast caps for air bags. Need more ideas? 888-901-1000 ext 109. I would be glad to help. Joe

The lego mindstorm is always coming up in these discussions. I was wondering what you guys think you could do with a sensor like the spectro-3?

Here is a really cool video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht2_eqZUUig

Do you need to build one, or just the answer(s)?



8 years ago

Maybe something in the recycling industry, sorting plastic by color for recycling purposes.  All the green 7-Up bottles down one conveyor, the clear on another and so on.

someone on here built a lego mindstorms m&m sorter that looked at each candy and put it in a bin based on its colour.

Generally anything a machine would sort wouldn't be 'by colour' - and would be delivered in a machine-ready format (like a tape-reel order of computer parts for a pick-and-place machine to make circuit boards).

Again, there's not much a machine would sort based on colour. 

A website featured on hackaday made a robot that rolled hundreds of thousands of 6-sided-die iterations, and the dots were different colours to make it easier for the camera to count them.  Really, it could just use an algorhythm to count the dots...but they used colours and dots to be sure.