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what can be used to thin Dap Kwik Seal Plus for spray coating Answered

I am trying to figure out what solvent would be safe and suitable to thin Dap Kwik Seal plus enough to be applied to a latex coated foam surface via a HVLP sprayer. does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Check the datasheet or try different solvents.
Problem is that latex does not really like most solvents at all....

Did you consider a totally different approach to the problem?
The latex coating is neither durable nor resistant to anything really.
No matter what adhesive you use the point of failure will always be the latex, even it just break down naturally after a few months.
I have no clue why latex is used to start with, same for the need to glue something on it.
Personally I would used plain foam and standard glues suited for it.

I am not gluing anything to the latex surface...anything that would need to be glued on is done so before the latex is applied. The latex is applied in 4 to 6 coats with a sprayer over a closed cell cross linked EVA foam item that is whatever shape I make it....a sword, a shield, armor whatever. It seals the foam while creating a soft flexible skin that is safe to strike other people with and takes paint easily. this is also a plus when you have details carved into the foam that you want visible on the final product. The final coat, which is what I'm trying to reproduce based on a product I've been importing from outside the US, appears to be a thinned version of the caulk I am inquiring about. It adheres to the painted latex surface and cures clear so the paint and details below are visible. In 5 to 6 coats it essentially seals the latex and creates a durable, flexible, glossy outer skin that I've personally seen last for years on other items I've made with very minor upkeep. the items I make have to be safe for use on stage and be visually realistic looking. I've tried other products in the past, like Plastidip for example, and the end result was usable but didn't have the same finish and was noticeably more rigid.

I am of course open to other suggestions, this was just my attempt at duplicating the qualities of another product with something more readily avilable in teh US

Well, if you would have provided all details right away I would have told you to try pond sealer....
Rubber based, clear or in color ad with only water as a solvent....