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what can i do to keep mice out of my apt.? Answered

it's an old place and i've blocked every hole i find but still they are coming in -- does mint really work or those high pitch sound things?

this week i caught 4 mice (i have a reusable trap that electrocutes them and it's great, but I just wish they weren't here!!!).  two weeks ago i caught 3 others ... it's insanity


Hi again.

So apparently it's not something pet stores generally do - sell or give out snake cage mess.

I'm sure it's some sort of health code violation.


After much, much trial and error, the standard, most commonly recommended approaches work the best.

Keep food out of reach, Plug holes (mothballs & spackle/silicone), Peppermint Oil, Mouse Traps (the wooden kind, Victor brand), electrocution traps, and, if necessary, poison.

Ultrasound doesn't work. Cats don't work. "Herbal Mouse Repellents" don't work. Catch & release doesn't work, because they figure out how to escape eventually.

I HAVE found something that works pretty well, if you'd like to go "Bill Murray in 'Caddyshack'" on them:

1) Find mouse droppings, with a flashlight. Clean them up with paper towel & ammonia.

2) Sprinkle these areas with crushed fluorescent chalk, or some other highly-visible powder.

3) Watch for tracks in the morning. Find out where they're going and coming from. What they bump into, brush against, sniff, etc.

4) Trap those areas with multiple traps, lined up or facing each other.

5) You can steer them towards the traps, by creating perimeters of barricades, irritants, noise-making things, etc.

6) I find capsacin (or Cayenne pepper extract) works pretty well. You'd want something over 100,000 Scoville Heating Units, and be sure not to breathe it or get it on any sensitive body parts. it's basically Pepper Spray, without the spray. Wear latex gloves, goggles, dust mask, wash hands, and all that stuff. If you have pets or little kids, don't do this.

Mice also seem to hate plastic bags (maybe the noise?).

Good Luck!


I have the same problem, and have tried everything.
I think they're coming in through the space under the door now (I've cleaned & plugged & steel wooled, used peppermint oil, mothballs, all types of traps, etc.).
I started with live traps, then gradually lost any motivation to remain 'humane," despite my girlfriend's objections.

Today it occurred to me - I'm going to a pet store, finding a natural predator of mice, and asking for some of the dirty cage mess. Mammals - especially cats - are no good, because of Toxoplasma. Some infected mice are actually ATTRACTED to their scents.

I'm aiming for Snakes, Hawks, etc.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

You can avoid toxicity issues with a mixture of dry cornmeal and plaster of Paris. Mix equal parts. Any mouse that eats is will die. Period. The plaster combines with the water in the gut and they get an intestinal blockage that kills them but is not toxic to humans. The downside is that if they die in your walls, they stink for awhile. I've used the steel wool and the Great-Stuff foam to block all available holes. Then the little b*stards actually ate a hole thru the dry wall at one of the electric outlets behind my microwave. Best thing we have found is to put ALL non-canned foods into heavy duty plastic containers. I am the Tupperware Queen of the world! Then set traps in your pantry and other areas of the kitchen where you see their droppings. I've even gone so far as to get Rubbermaid storage containers with a handle on top and use them to hold spice jars as well as seasoning packets and anything else that might be edible. We bait the traps with Peanut butter. Don't put so much on that they can get some off without setting off the trap. Because PB is so sticky, they can't grab and run with it for the most part. Good Luck!

We lived in apt that had mice coming in from the hill behind and I suspect the neighboring apts. as well.
I tried my grampa's way and it worked.
seal off holes with steel wool and moth balls they hate the smell.
Look for anywhere plumbing enters the apt. that's where they were getting in.
Under sinks, hot water heater etc.

thats what i've been doing with the holes i find --- steel wool and mothballs, but they just keep finding ways in - they even found a way to get into my dishwasher - just this evening i opened the dishwasher to put away the clean dishes and there the damn mouse was, hanging off the upper rack --- ergghhhhh!!!!  now i have to rerun the dishwasher b/c it's just ick. 

i am definitely thinking i need to get a cat and hopefully i won't find beheaded mice lying around, which is what happened the last place i was living that had a mouse problem.

maybe i'll try the high pitch sound thing -- i've seen it at the store, just didn't know if it actually worked or not - was hoping someone had experience with it

I have no experience with those but my husband says glue traps work better than any other kind, He always puts those in the barn. He used to put them in the basement at our old store.

Id say to buy a cat .

but there is a device called a pest chaser i believe that emits a sound over the human frequency and makes mice go insane and makes them not come in etc.

Kinda like the mosquito sound to get rid off teenagers

Only problem with my cats is they seem to bring more dead birds and mice in than there would be if i didnt have them

Get a pet ferret. They're great pets, and mice won't come within 100 feet of your apartment once they catch the scent of the ferret. Also works on rats.

poison. I don't usually like to kill things, but I despise mouse shite on my kitchen surfaces. (had a family that built their nest in my stove during the summer one year....it broke me of some of my altruism wrt bitsy animals.

Remove any other source of food from the apartment (that is, block all access to food storage from the mice, then place little boxes of mouse poison along the edges of the room, in places where you think they're entering, etc.

Once you've kilt off the first round, as Stephenniall said, buy a cat. But make sure it's a mouser first. Not all cats are mousers. Look for one at the animal shelter that is overly frisky and partly ferral.

They are coming inside because there is food.

Where there is one mouse, there are many - they may already have a family inside your house.

As you say - sealing everything off is a must - they can fit through cracks only 1/4 inches tall, so seal EVERYTHING.

If you have food available/sensed they will come in, so seal food containers, and they'll have no reason to come in.  Shame it's not a catch/release trap, but such is life - death by electrocution.