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what can i do with a broken guitar? Answered

i have a guitar, but it falls and get broke by the back side, i dont know what can i do with it, i want a original idea to make something with it, thanks




8 years ago

duct tape and a hammer fixes EVERYTHING man (i really wouldn't recommend using the hammer though)

take it to your local music shop that buys and trades and you might get a couple bucks.

Post-concert Rock Star Halloween costume? Make a cigar-box/altoid guitar. Use it as a large bird house. Claim the damage was intentional and that it now represents the discontinuity between the artist and the business model used to distribute the artist's work. Firewood. Stand on a street corner and threaten to play it if passers by don't give you money. Donate it to science class for a demo on string harmonics. Make an instructable on how to fix it....

I was gonna say the same thins as UziMonkey; Guitar Hero Guitar. Or Rock Band.

Make a very cool Guitar Hero or Rock Band controller. Gut a game controller, install buttons in the neck, the whammy bar in the body and the rest of the buttons. The strum bar will need some framework or something over the sound hole, but that shouldn't be a problem.