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what can i make out of duct tape for my business? Answered

1)mouse pads
2)bouquets of flowers
4)bible cases
5)wallets (use packing tape to make a place for the license)
6)tip holders
7)iphone ipad ipod cover

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Are you trying to simply demonstrate what one can do with duct tape or are you trying to make actual items for sale?

If you are simply wanting to make items to demonstrate its usefulness, then make a variety of items. Clothing is a big hit (if the end result looks good), maybe consider talking to a fashion design school and supply them with duct tape to creatively come up with some designs. Using pictures of the best projects on your FB or website would be helpful.

I would also consider more practical uses for duct tape, such as recovering a broken lawn chair, recovering a bar stool or vinyl chair, or making an umbrella shade.

Think outside the box, or in this case the roll. :)

I can make wallets, bages, and bows!

Hi!!Im starting to get in to duct tape and I'm just starting a business too!And this is some things that I'm doing so you can steel my ideas;)

4)phone cases
6)drink holders

Now just think about it what can't you make out of duct tape?!?!? Ahaha well I hope I helped a little!

Make a couple of each, in different colours, for promotional images, then just make whatever people order, when they order it, emphasising that they are bespoke items, hand-made to order, and thus justifying charging a premium for your items.

(I don't know what an "intinal" is?)

i am sorry i meant intinal the first letter of your name like K

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If you're using FireFox, you can download an add-on that automatically spell-checks text as you type it online.


6 years ago

Sell some things for a reasonable price, and you can make good money. Make wallets, hairbows, (very popular with girls) and you might consider covering peoples thing with tape, for example, a hairbrush that belongs to a little girl, you may cover it with pink tape or zebra, or leopard. Bible cases are a very good idea, and I never would have thought of it! I gave away wallets at my school, which was a humongus sucess! Try wallets and see what happens.