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what can i use to feed fish? Answered

caught some fish at the local lake. now i need some way of feeding them. (they don't always eat everything so i would like a way to feed them but at the same time pick up anything that wasn't eaten.

i need a contraption to hold/feed my fish :(

any help/suggestion/invention is much appreciated :D



7 years ago

Meal worms, freeze dried shrimp, crickets, blood worms, and smaller fish.

Take a look at this article:

The section on "carrying capacity" is probably relevant, since you are trying to figure out how large of an enclosure, how many gallons of water, needed to maintain your collection of fish.  A reference from that section points here:

And that article gives some rules of thumb, in terms of how many gallons of water per linear inch of fish length, or liters per cm of fish length if you're using the metric system.

Depends on the fish. Some eat insects, some eat plants, some eat algae, some eat other fish.... Your "contraption" is a fishtank with a filter, which a pet store can supply, and a good pet store may be able to tell you what you've got, how large a tank they need, what they eat, and the like.