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what can i use to store my 3.5 hard drives, looking for common items to up-cycle / re-purpose Answered

i have a bunch of hard drives  that i want to put into something better than the anti static bags. i did see some cheap enclosures for 3 bucks from china, they are made out of plastic.  reviews state that they are very tight and the hinges break quickly.  i was wondering if there are any items /boxes that would work to keep them in.  i use  the hdd drop in readers, so i just need to find some decent enclosures to stack them safely.There must be a food box that would be a good fit.
Thanks for any help.


what's your main concern for storage? just preventing damage from drops or what?

i've seen people use that plasti-dip stuff (that you can use to recoat tool handles and such) to make a shock resistant type of thing. you basically just dip the whole drive (except for the end with the connectors) into the plastidip and you're on your way.

really? one side has a lot of electronics that are exposed, also probably be a lot costlier then a box. i have some of that plasti dip for tool handles a small bottle which would do 1 hd is pricey but i wonder about the electronics.you bring up a good area for solutions though. Maybe bumpers that stack , made out of cheap moldable insulation for windows or that sugru stuff as bumpers , but leave the input clear enough so the drive fits in the quick reader

right but plastidip isn't conductive so it doesn't really matter if it gets on the electronics.

As long as the drive has no exposed "moving/rotating" parts :-) You wouldn't want to give them any "resistance"

if you've got a hard drive with exposed moving parts, then you've got more problems ahead of you than a bit of a drop

Ok, I haven't seen the guts of the newer ones...I could have sworn the last one I took out of my old dead 8088 had the one spindle exposed....but then, it didn't technically have a "case" either.

forgot about the age gap.......

you don't want to plastidip a reel to reel :P

No, but this was a HD, really. Sticking through the circuit board side of it, was the spindle on which the platters spun.....I don't know WHY they had it exposed, but there you are.