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what can you do when you are stuck in your bedroom without your stuff? Answered

i dont know coz can someone tell me



Best Answer 8 years ago

  • do streching exercises or, if you know some, yoga.
  • if there are books available, look through them until you find one not to boring to read (even the dictionary can be kind of diverting).
  • if pencil/pen & paper are available, work on your novel/epic poem/soon-to-famous mathematical proof.
  • even without pen and paper, you can always tell yourself a story: e.g., "Once upon a time, a beautiful princess (or handsome prince?) was locked in a tower by stuffed-shirted fire-breathing dragons. Cleverly, she sprouted wings/rappeled down the side of the tower using a rope made from threads raveled from the hem of her gown/escaped through the laundry chute, and set forth to..."
  • math will always be with you. Practice your multiplication tables, long division, or whatever you might benefit from practicing (sure it's boring and awful, but it is something - and something that will ultimately be useful - to do).
  • write haiku about boredom and ennui (or whatever else strikes your fancy) in your head, or even on paper.
  • decide what you would do if you had 10 pounds to spend however you liked. ...A hundred pounds? ...A thousand? ...A million? ...A billion? ...This game can go on as long as you like.
  • decide what you would do if you were the magically all-powerful manager of your favorite sports team and you could draft any player you liked, living or dead, from any era, to be part of your all-time-best-ever Dream Team.

play five nights at Freddy's or slenderman or a some type of horror game

draw on the walls

Instant laugh! - thanks.
(but without your stuff?)


draw by scratching the paint with your fingers maybe?

Have you done this sort of thing? The reverse is picking bits off foamed-vinyl or wood-chip (urgh)


Foamed-vinyl is a textured wallpaper, you can easily pick the foam texture-off. Wood-chip is a textured wallpaper that has flakes of wood in it, they're a bit harder but you can pick them out. (I'd advise sensory deprivation as below) L

i used to pick the foam off the walls at my mums frinds house its fun

how can you draw on walls with your fingers u can only do that if you emagain the drawings

Being deprived already, how about sensory-depravation?*
Plug your ears, blindfold yourself, lie down on your bed and relax.


*I don't hold Wikipedia to be the greatest source of information, but it should be good enough.