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what can you make from ice cream sticks? Answered


A 1:1 scale model of the solar system, given enough time and sticks...

...except that a sufficient quantity of sticks would cause the sticks in the middle's gravity to start nuclear fusion...and you'd have a real sun.

can you imagine...that many popsicle sticks?

the sun is 1392000km diameter...a little pythagoras tells us its 449,538,048,000,000,000,000,000,000 CUBIC METERS.  Thats 450 million billion billion cubic meters.

A popsicle stick, 1mm x 10mm x 150mm = 0.001x.01x.15m = 0.0000015 cubic meters...2.99692032 x 1032
three... hundred thousand million million million billion popsicle sticks.

The sun makes up over 99% of the mass of our solar system...even sourcing that much wood...(or anything simple even, like hydrogen, helium, lithium etc)...

holy mother of god.

That said, it would take less sticks than by volume, because hydrogen is significantly less massive than wood - but illustrations are fun.

Well, sure. If you make it solid, it's extremely unwieldy. But this is just a model, so we can make it hollow. Something like that would be unlikely to support spontaneous fusion, and might not even collapse under its own gravity. See how much simpler that is?

- a bridge (there is an instructable about that somewhere on the site)

- a car

- a plane

- a boat

- a robot

- an instructables robot

- a small nightstand (that was a fun classproject when I was 11)

- ...

I can go on for days since practicly everything is makeable out of ice cream sticks. It's best that you tell us the number of ice cream sticks you have so we can offer you projects within that range.

An orchid pot although it won't last as long as cedar or redwood.

Here's a source of several ideas.  Just run a search on Google (popsicle stick projects) for more ideas.  I'd probably make a basket of some sort.

More ice-cream bars


Various arts/crafts

a 5-stick self supporting no-glue triangle...or the uuber version:

a bridge model


puppet people

a car...nuclear fusion...