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what causes a cat to loose a lot of fur? Answered


if you mean in winter, when they should keep their fur. might be your house is to hot for the cat, and the cats body gets rid of fur as if it was summer, i'm not a pro, maybe ask a vet, to be sure

That makes sense to me. When you say... losing a lot of fur... like... do you mean just all the hair that gets attracted to clothing or do you mean like... actual... balding of the cat?

my cat has a big spot under her chin on her neck that has lost all the fur, and she is always itching it.

My cat lost her hair from wearing a collar only one day . I need to know if theres a collar out there that wont have a alergic reaction would you know of it, if so please contact me at kmccord66@hotmail.com

                                        Thank You, Kris McCord

Does the cat rub up against anything toxic? Cats often "mark" territory by rubbing their faces on it. If the cat wears a collar, particularly a flea collar, that could be the problem. However, if a collar isn't the problem, it is most likely something you can't fix on your own like an allergy, or even possibly a thyroid deficiency...run to the vet!

Cats are a lot like humans in some ways. Cats can get nervous and stressed out, when that happens sometimes they express it by 'attacking' a part of their body. By attacking I mean they focus on one spot and have at 'er. Maybe it's over-licking, or over-scratching, but your feline friend may be suffering from stress. Crazy thing is that cats are so wacko they get stressed about weird stuff, like not eating, or not getting enough exercise. Has your cat had a major change in routine? Sometimes they need reassurance and love, just like the rest of us.

We have a cat who "eats" the fur on her belly. You can talk to your vet about special foods.

Ours has allergies and that is why she does it. Sometimes we put A&D ointment on if she starts to make sores. That also seems to moisturize it a little and make it not so itchy,

A cat can start to shed this early in the year, which will definitely involve an upsurge in the fur around the house and a smaller appearance to a fluffier cat. If its losing the glossy fur, not just the fuzzy seasonal undercoat, it's time for the vet! Bald patches can involve something as simple as a dietary deficiency or a flea allergy on a lightly infested cat, so don't avoid the vet out of fear of what you might find out.