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what could I use for..... Answered


For a project that i will transform into an instructable I would need a color with following properties:

- Stick to metal
- Possible to remove using solvents
- Water resistant
- possibly sprayable
- Protect sprayed material from direct contact with water. (not long term.. half an hour is enough.. )
- NOT heat resistant. if heated the color should be damaged and come off the metal without the use of any solvents.
- must be as dark as possible

any Idea of what could be used?



Normal spray paint is not really heat resistant, it comes off with a normal hot air gun let alone with serious heat.
But if in doubt you could always dump the piece into colored wax.
Gives short term protection and definately comes off with heat.
If you add finly powdered charcoal dust or black iron oxide the result should be quite dark.

Hello! Thanks for the sugestion, wax is indeed a very neat idea.. unfortunately it wont work for what i need. perhaps i should go more into deatail. I would like to expose some parts of metal in order to etch it. The Whole idea is this: Find a spray that covers the metal. then Engrave an image onto the color in order to selectively remove "pixels" of color to expose the metal. then etch the exposed parts, and afterwards remove the color. Problem is to find a color that "falls off" when heated to 300 degrees for a short moment and that still sticks to the metal if not burnt. Normal black spray does not work.. already tested... thanks

Not if you tried but for most of my etchings it is enough to use a permanent marker.
Works for circuit boards and other stuff.
For fine detailes I prefer to use my laser printer and to transfer the negative print onto the metal.
And for laser etching you get special paint, have you tried it for aicid resistance or never used it?

i like the idea to burn it directly with the laser coz you get much higher detail than transfering... I will try with the permanent marker in these days! Special paint for laser etching? Do you have a name? What do you mean for acid resistance?


Are you planning to use a soldering iron to draw out the area to etch?

If you coat it in wax, just poured on thick over a cold piece of metal, you can use any simple pointy thing to scrape away the wax, then, after etching, the wax will drip away under a hot-air gun.

nope, i use a CNC controlled laser to burn... to etch i use saltwater and a psu..

How powerful is the laser? You should be able to burn off most spray-paints.

its a 2W laser.. Small but enough to burn quite a lot of things.. I already troed with regular paint but didnt work. It gets burned but not enough to fall off...

An alternative would be the other way around... any color that hardens with heat.. that would also work..

What about black toner? maybe 1 mm thick, and then melted and applied using the laser..

Um... paint?

well, already tried but it does not come off when burned.. maybe there is a special paint that is not so heat resistant?

Downunder35m's suggestion of coloured wax looks good. It might even work if you just "colour in" the piece with a black crayon, but I *think* that it might work in an air-brush, if you kept the pot of the brush sitting in boiling water between sprays, and remembering that a mist of wax will be very flammable.

yep.. please read the answer i wrote to downunder..