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what do I do when my 3DS top screen is brighter than my bottom screen? Answered

My 3ds has been my favorite game console intil it f*cked up what can I do besides taking the battery out?


Hey i know exactly what your going through because my 3DS is doing the same exact thing except my isn't turning off. i know what the problem is with your situation. The reason why your system is turning off is because the ribbon cable for the top screen is loose and outta place. The ribbon cable is located right were the L button is... Have someone with right tools help you out. Now as too why the top screen is brighter then the bottem.... I'm not too sure whats wrong yet....

You can adjust the brightness by;

Selecting the Screen Brightness icon in the upper left corner of the HOME Menu.
Tap on the desired brightness level.
Tap "OK."

If that doesn't solve the problem it may be a bigger problem, therefore we would need more info from you...

I tried that but it is a much bigger issue if when u turn up the brightness the system turns off, it sucks at least my mom will pay half of the 95 bucks it takes to repair it

How old is it? They have a one year warranty, in case you didn't know...


5 years ago

Did you try fresh batteries ?


no but I don't have the right screwdriver

Must be a rechargeable thing then.

So, this will work for equally bright screens.

Simply put a gray plex or other light absorbing screen over the top brighter 3DS

Now, top and bottom can be the same intensity.

Time to put the screws to Nintendo and shame them to fix it use the web...

Is the back light on the lower screen failing? Are you having trouble seeing the lower screen?

no the top screen is just bright and if you turn the brightness all the way up you will hear a pop and it will turn the system off so wtf? how can it be fixed

Sounds like the back light has gown bad and causes a short forcing the system to shut off. If it's still under warranty then Nintendo will likely send you a new one.