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what do i use to make a mold of my face? Answered

Instead of using plaster, I saw on a show someone mix up a powder that he said was made with some kind of seaweed. It was the show "Unwrapped "on the Food Channel. He was making a jello mold of his face, I'm trying to get the name of this powder He uses it because it sets fast and does not stick to skin. also he got the idea while at the dentist getting a cast of his teeth Thank you. Tony Romano


It is probably "agar". You can find it in Asian markets or restaurant supply places. It does set up harder than your regular gelatin Jello's at extra strength. Good luck.

Thank you for taking the time helping me out... I will definitely look into agar Have a great week-end

You can also use plaster of paris, which takes about 20 minutes to set and is very affordable, you can get it at any hardware store.

Alginate is what they use at the dentist, so if he got the idea there, it's likely that same stuff. Plus it sounds like agar a bit, so another reason to think that's it. Also it comes in powder form and is dissolved with warm water.

To make it into a jello mold, I suggest making the initial or final mold with food-grade silicone, so you'll be able to de-mold the final product.

You can either make your initial mold with the silicone, as I have done here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Body_Casting_and_Chocolate_Molding/
(someone even suggested I use it as a jello mold!),
you can do the alginate, plaster combo as randofo suggests, and make another negative with the silicone (which will last much longer than the alginate) to pour your jello into. Alginate begins to break down almost the moment it sets, so be ready to make your plaster positive as soon as you're done taking the cast.

Eeeeewwww...is that sanitary? Jelly beans are made with a powdered starch mold. Maybe corn starch would work?

I will look into corn starch, just maybe that added with gelatin base would solidify somewhat. Thank you for the input

Did you just sign up or are you someone else? (the author is a guest) Either way, this is a cool little vid on how jelly beans are made (and molded).

Tonight I started reading and answering my replys from the bottom to top, there is that key word again alginate, not only its in your message you even sent me a link with a plan, Now I don't have to use concrete that someone had advised earlier. You have a good week-end and thanks, Tony

Melted agar might be too warm for you.

Alginate sounds like a better choice; it sets when exposed to calcium, rather than when it is cooled. (Google "alginate casting".) A coat of cooking oil would prevent any sticking.

Alginate that is the word I think I just might have been looking for. Now I have a a word I can use to start my researching. Thanks


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I ran out of concrete after the last pair of concrete shoes were made Next time I will give it a try.