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what do you do when you want to tell some one you still love them if your scared?????? Answered

i just broke up with my ex well i still ove him what do i do?



their right, if were, gonna help, we gotta have more info!, but ill tell you what i think...

first off, think of your origional relationship you had in the first place.ask yourself " hey, did I ACTUALLY care for this individual, or is this emotions out of wack because of inexperience, the breakup itself, guilt, pity, whatever" odds are, if you didnt answer yes to the first part, the breakup is the best thing for the both of you. if you said yes:

did they REALLY care about you, were they using you, did they just not care, etc. if you said yes to the first part again, then you should look at the actual cause of the breakup.if you answered no, just let them go and move on, because that relationship wasnt right for you and your supposed to wait for someone else.

if he did something that caused the breakup, look at it and try to understand it, maybe why he did it or what he was thinking at the time. its entirely possible that he didnt mean to do anything to cause that, and that he just didnt think it was a big deal whatever it was. guys tend to do that sometimes. i know, cuz ive done it.
and like others have said, if it was you who caused the breakup, think about what happened. did you overreact? did you have just cause to break up with him? you may have overreacted to something he did or said and took it a way he didnt mean.entirely possible.

and of course,ITS VERY POSSIBLE that it was really a combination of you and him both being wrong or blowing things out of preportions, in which case, do a combination of the above.id not suggest begging, because it makes you seem desperate, and no guy truly likes a girl who has desperation in her heart.try to talk to him about what happened and if you two are meant to be, then you'll be, if not, it will pass and you will find someone else.

sorry it took so much space, i just got alot to say on this matter...lol. 


8 years ago

If your profile is honest?-you are 13 years old.

It is during these years that we are affected most deeply by emotional pain. Given the depth of that hurt, it is hard to think clearly.

If you have done something you (not him), feel guilty about-you have to apologise to him. If he responds well, then that's good. If he doesn't, think twice about whether it is worth hurting over for too long.

If he has done something and does not apologise....., then think carefully about whether he is worth the pain.

At your age,-everything has to be resolved-NOW. It does not! Give it time, based on what I have advised.

Believe it or not,-it will resolve one way OR the other. But it will resolve.

You are young. There will be other hurts and problems in your life,-learn how to handle them from something like this. 

Handle it with grace and courage, and you will cope when other traumas come along-as they will.

Chin up, and good luck!


Not enough details.

Why did you break up with him?  Something he did, or something you did?

Is it a 'serious' problem as in cheating with another person?

Or just a disagreement over something that, may not to you, but is basically trivial in nature?

Or, you could just hide your fear, look him in the eye and say "Hey, you know what little buddy? I still love you, and there's nothing you can do about it."

But... To give a decent, usable answer, we do need more details.

Beg for forgiveness and explain what happened - there's no "right" way to do it except to plead your case, but expect the worst for your own sanity at the very least. 

He might be willing to accept your apology and start the relationship again, but the trust has more than likely been damaged (or lost).  It'll be a huge battle for the both of you, and it'll take a lot of rebuilding.  For a while (weeks?  months?  years?), he'll doubt whether or not you're going to stay, and you'll have to constantly remind him that you love him and wouldn't ever want to leave him.  He might even use the break up to manipulate you because he will always have that in his back pocket if he is unable to let it go.  If the relationship is worth it and you can't see yourself dating or seeing anyone else for the rest of your life, then go for it. 

If you can imagine yourself being happy with someone else whom you just haven't met yet, then stick with your initial break-up, mourn the loss, and move on.  It's very, VERY easy to doubt a decision to break up with someone because it's rarely a matter of "I hate you, and you make me sick."  You were with him for a reason, and you invested part of yourself into the relationship.  It's hard to "walk away" from that investment and those emotions because it was doubtfully ALL horrible and rotten and not good.

I've been there.  It sucks.  I've begged for forgiveness, and I've stuck by my guns.  Ultimately begging for forgiveness didn't work, and I've moved on and eventually found a great guy.  However, there are certainly relationships where break-ups occur, and the couple has rebuilt the trust.  I've largely seen this happen with couples who were together for years and/or married, so I suspect it takes a lot of motivation to make it work from both parties who generally had a good relationship with a long history prior to the break up.

Best of luck to you with whatever you decide to do!

I know I've seen this answer somewhere before....must be good advice if it's worth repeating. ;)

REMEMBER- If you don't ask...the answer will always be NO !!!

Do you want to get back together, or do you just want to get back to being friends? And what are you scared of?

Loving someone doesn't always mean a close or long-term relationship will work. People may have incompatible needs, or just have personalities which don't mess well under the pressure of very frequent contact.  When that happens, keeping it as just-friends may be the best answer. Whether you and/or the other person can now be comfortable with that is something the two of you have to work out between you; that's a learned skill, and not everyone wants to learn it.

Say "I wasnt thinking strait, I was just confused but really, I love u" idk something like that...................