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what do you think about this? Answered

hey if you saw this in your mail box what would you do? i know its missing a phone number because i dont want weird creepy strangers on the internet calling me (no offense)


Local leaflet distribution does work - You need a good clear professional leaflet - That says what it means in a few words with a clear contact number.

Likely you will get more work from word of mouth though. So weigh up the effort of delivery against perhaps 1% results.

I live in the UK and cut my own lawn so i would think - SPAM -

I don't think it's called SPAM if you get unwanted advertising In Real Life -- unless, of course, the advertiser includes a free tin of processed pork shoulder and ham....

:-) No over here - UK - we call it Junk Mail.

I'd turn you in to the postal inspector for putting stuff in the mailbox without postage.

But accurate, at least in the US. Attaching advertising to doorknob or railing or whatever doesn't require postage. The moment you put it in the mailbox, it technically needs postage. (Yes, that's even though the homeowner owns the mailbox.)

Which is why stuff which doesn't carry postage _does_ get distributed the other ways. And why many mailboxes have a separate set of hooks, or an entirely separate box, for newspaper delivery.

Odds of someone calling you on it are fairly low, but...

wow alright i think i might have more people by personally delivering it or talking to them myself


6 years ago

I don't have clue, I can't open it.

I think I'm going to stop answering questions which don't state in the headline what it is that they're asking about.

Outside of that, it would do you no good for me to answer, since I'd trecycle it without looking at it.