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what do you wat me to do an instructable on? Answered

I want to build something but don't know what to build



These are just off the top of my head, and may or may not be anything you could, should, or would want to do:
  •  Why Grow Lights for plants don't give off the same specturm of light as natural sunlight; with some background on the visible color spectrum, color temperature, and etc.
  • How to cut MDF/particle board (is it possible with hand tools?).
  • Any recipe for making something tasty using lots of onions (I have an embarrassment of onions).
  • Tips on using a miter box.
  • How to recover from a social Faux Pas (like, say, knocking on the door of a neighbor, who happens to be an observant Jew, to offer him some of your cheese pizza, only to realize that a) it's after 10 pm and you've woken him out of a sound sleep, and 2) Yom Kippur started at sunset and he is (of course) fasting until tomorrow evening).
  • How to set up a business-accounting type balance sheet.
  • Tips on using a hacksaw.

it is easy using a hacksaw is easy to use just move the saw back and forth and keep your hand away from the blade

Spoken by a person who must not have used a hacksaw often successfully.

There is lots more to using a hack saw than moving it back and forth without cutting your finger.

This recipe for caramelised onion sauce is delicious. I haven't got around to making it into an ible yet though. :D<br />


8 years ago

Ummm, what kind of skills or training do you have? Woodworking, cooking, electronics, etc.? Give us something to start with and maybe something will come to mind.

I love woodworking,it's my favourite thing to do

I've an interest in Japanese puzzle boxes. I would enjoy reading an Instructable about building one.

hey burf that agood idea!i will try once i get som supplies

exactly what burf says

okay ummm maybe you should do an ible on how to build a guitar

show how to make a boomerang out of wood, like they make in Australia. the V style shape is what im talking about

You've already posted your first project - Your avatar shows how to make a tool to get a CD or DVD out of a stuck drive.  (You need to add the bit about poking it into the little hole below the CD tray and pushing.)   Why not turn it into an Instructable? 
Other than that, have a look around the site here.  There are are Instructables on every conceivable subject. Think of something which interests you and which you want to make and make an Instructable for it as you're going along.

ya i know about the paperclip my dad works on computers as a side job.and all the things i am interested in are already on instructables

<p>Treat existing Instructables as a 'jumping off point'. Of the ones you are interested in, there must be ideas that spring to mind when you read them. Things you could have done better, or maybe a spin-off project. (Look out for my take on the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knock-Block/">Knock Block</a> in a few days.) Alternatively have a good look around with the randomizer (to the right of the 'explore' menu) and you may find something you didn't know interested you until you'd seen it - It happens to me all the time.</p>

Teach us how to build a grandfather clock using only 2x4.