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what does it mean when a instructable "is not found"? and will i ever be able to access it again?? Answered

Im kinda new to this site, so if this is a question already floating around, point me towards it, and i'll put on my dunce cap. With that said, it seems like most of the questions i could find were about authors who's instructables took more than a day or two to show up. i was attempting to build a laser (because who doesn't like lasers) based off moomeat42's "burning lasers for beginners." I recently attempted to look at it again, and the instructable link would send me back to the home page with the message "we're sorry, we couldn't find that one!" displayed on the top. I was wondering what actually happened (did the author take it down, or did the site glitch?) and if i would ever be able to view it again, or if it was gone forever? Also, this is kinda secondary, but that same instructable was not going to my favorites list, and i was wondering if anyone knew why.


Well, i think im giving up on moomeat answering, although i sent him a second message today (still polite), and i was still able to build my laser, and will probably be making another one shortly. so i suppose it all worked out in the end. Thanks again everyone.

Some times people move and loose their password or worse and cannot reply.

i just sent a pm to moomeat, and will now await his (hopefully positive) reply. i also want to thank all of you, i wasn't really expecting a answer, let alone multiple helpful ones, this quickly. aside from a small amount of begging, is there any other way to get the instructable back and/or save it?

It has been unpublished or deleted.

Send a PM to moomeat42, and ask him nicely for link to the draft instructable.


3 years ago

So I left a message pointer on his Orangeboard, may be he will come and resolve this situation.


3 years ago

It is also possible that they made it a private instructable instead of removing it.

Or they might have just unpublished it for the moment so they can do a reedit of it.

I think it means that the user unpublished it. It shows up in an I'bles search for "burning lasers", but following the link goes back to the home page just as you described. Going to MooMeat42's member page, there are only four I'bles listed there, and the burning lasers one is not.