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what does it mean when i dream of someone? Answered

what does it mean when i dream of someone i know, i dreamed that we were dating but the thing is i get asked out often i turn alot of them down, i dont know why. i thinks its a fear of something. also im around her at school and were good friends.

also i was dreaming about someone i didnt know, but the thing is we were dating for sure, i kissed her and hugged her and i coaught onto her even in my dreams. im actually hoping that shes in my future just like all my other dreams are. i even asked her out in my dream she didnt reply exept with a kiss. i will be going to a new school in a few years, she could also be a new student coming up in a few years. i really want to meet her though.


Well first of all you decide if a dream means anything or not.

You say you and this girl you are friends with are dating in your dream. Now you have to ask yourself: do you like your friend more then a friend? If the answer is yes then you should try something with her. If you just want to remain friends with her then the dream didn't mean anything.

dreams are what you make of them. Most of the time they are just thoughts that you knowingly or unknowingly process through your mind during the day. you say you get asked out alot so probably you knowingly of unknowingly processed "perhaps I should start dating (again)" then you probably talked to your friend and since this is a girl you liked your brain put those together in a dream making you date your friend in your dream.

About the girl you don't know. Well that's probably somebody you saw in your school, on the street, in the store. It can be anywhere, you'll probably didn't focus on her so your conscience mind saw her but unknowingly you caught her face and that got mixed in. I had it once that I dreamed of a guy that was attacking me, the next day I was walking through town and I saw him i turned to my friend and said "that was the guy that attacked me in my dreams" he responded "well that guy walks here every day, I've seen him around here more" so it was apparant that my mind had picked that guy out to star in my dreams.

In short: never let a dream control to much. If think it's a sign go follow the sign. But if you think it means nothing don't pay further attention to it. I dreamed last night that I was a mobster/parkour stuntman that doesn't mean however that I'm going to start shooting people and climbing on buildings...

So my advice is: see if you have feelings for your friend, try to understand why you are afraid of dating and do something about it and decide for yourself if your dreams should mean anything :)

thats always true because i liked a girl and when i went to bed i had a dream of me proteting her from a army of knights and i killed them all and then died

I dreamed about dating a guy and then he asked me out the next day


3 years ago

hey . I had a dream where it is completely white all around me and I was following this girl the entire time and we just keep walking and never get anywhere. And it happens every night . The same dream. Before im met the girl I had the dream. What does it mean

It means the story you were telling yourself needed someone to play a role, and borrowed that individual from your memory. Why you cast that person in that role is something only you can answer.

Your dream means what it means to you. Nothing else.

It means that you're not dating the person you need and so you created her with your subconcious. That is, whether you will admit it or not, the people you're dating are not really satisfying your needs.

 umm just means you think about her in your sleep and should ask her out but dont say you dreamed about her to her or she will like totally say your a loser

Lot of the things in your dreams are just what happens to be on your mine like a problem or something that you are really interested in.  For me it's problems at work or where I worked 30 years ago.

For young boys it's usually young girls.  Well, even for older boys it's still young girls, or just girls in general and women.  See ya later I gotta go take a nap!


8 years ago

Sometimes when I dream I know it is just nonsense like Kiteman said 'filing experiences and random thoughts'.  But other times, they have a different feel to them, and I'm often thinking about them after I wake up. I wonder if these dreams are my subconscious mind trying to tell me something. 

You mentioned that you turn down girls when they ask you out and that you think it is fear.  Well, maybe your mind is telling you should start dating. Though, it may not necessarily be with either of the girls in your dream, the dream is telling you about yourself not about your future.  If you do have issues around dating maybe it is time to address them.

Very few dreams have significant meanings.

At the most, it is just your brain's regular "filing experiences and random thoughts" procedures spilling over into the slightly conscious parts of your mind.

Enjoy the freedom, don't expect them to come true.