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what effects will ear rings have on your life ? Answered

Today i got my ear rings pierced and i would like to know what effects that can have on the average life and in accidents and extreme conditions.



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 Studs and sleepers will have very little negative effect. So long as they don't snag and rip your ear or get infected.

Avoid this by wearing small smooth studs or small sleepers. Avoiding silver if you have an intolerance and getting all your piercing done professionally.

Spaces, Cartilage piercing and heavy earrings can stretch, pull and misshapen the skin (in the case of stretches, this is intentional)

while it may suit your style and look now, in the future you may find it difficult to be seen as "mature and professional" with a 1/2" hole in your ear lobe.

It all depends on what your life is all about. What your profession is and how you see yourself. The only thing that can always be seen as a negative is infection. so keep your ears clean and get all piercing done professionally.

I have had my ears pierced since I was really young,and since I have stretched them to 1/2 inch, my husband has 1 inch ears. They don't effect anything I do in life,other than being an artistic expression of myself. The process of stretching your ears takes time if that is what you are after and it cannot be rushed or it CAN permanently disfigure your ear and if infected could be worse... common sense is a great thing to use.

want to see a pic of them?

If you get seven in the same ear on the same day, it can make talking on the phone rather unpleasant for a few days.

sounds painful, hope you dont git a tumor from the phone rofl jk


8 years ago

Pirates believed they improved your eyesight.  It was also customary to use your ear ring to purchase a passage "home".
You just want some BLING.
Only one of the above is likley not to rip your ear.  Stay away from threads and tools to remove that BLING.

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8 years ago

Im wondering why you pierced your earrings

1. I felt i should do it
2. it fits my " style"
3. I have wanted a pair for a long time.
4. to prove my age to mother 

As long as you take the earrings off before doing anything that might snag them and pull hard, or might slap them hard against the side of your head -- working with machinery, for example -- and as long as the piercing itself heals well, probably no direct effect.

Indirectly: Some people like the look. Some people just see it as proof you've got more holes in your head that you really need. You're going to impress both, in very different directions. Again, as long as you don't do anything which damages the ear's shape significantly you can always choose when and where to wear the decoration... if you go for something more extreme you may lose that option. People are less likely to react badly than at some times in the past, but you're still accepting a trace-off in that regard.

Personally, I've never seen the point when clips and magnets and similar solutions exist. But I admit to not being young any more and never caring all that much about fashion.

Trade-off, not trace-off, of course. Tuphograplicca eror.

Well, not having any piercings myself, I have no first hand experience. But, I have heard from various people that higher-up ear piercings (top of the ear, not lobe) can cause dull, throbbing pain in the area. I'm sure for a while it will stay sore, just make sure you don't get it infected, keep any nasty hands and such away from your piercing.

+1 for your answer, and another for your avatar...heck you can have two for the avatar ;-)

Infections are your worst threat right now...that and a bit of discomfort by leaving them on while you sleep.

Keep your piercings clean and use hypoallergenic earrings.

Since you jsutgot them pierced, you have to leave them in for a while, so don't be surprised if they annoy you a little when going to sleep or waking up.

Again, keep them really clean. I got my ear pierced back in Highschool by a girlfriend and ended up with a terrible infection that literally took years to clear up. I have other piercings now but I would never pierce my ear again due to that experience...it's just paranoia on my part, but still. I was fanatic about sanitizing the second time around.

ear rings won't hurt. They can some times leave nasty scars if the ear rings you wear are not in good condition (rust). A tongue pierce on the other side can be dangerous and will definitely leave a scar if you use it regularly .

It depends what the earring is like, surely?

A small simple stud is pretty well >shrug< these days, and fairly safe to wear.

studs with stones and projections can get caught in hair or clothing, causing pain or rippage (especially if they are caught in the hair or clothes of other people.

Hoops on blokes look (to me) like you've watched just one too many pirate films...

None I've had one since the Friday after Thanksgiving 1999 and nothing in my life has changed at all.