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what fireworks or explosions can i make with sulphur,redironoxide,kno3,aluminium and charcoal!?????????????????????????? Answered

i would like to know what type of things i could make out of these thigs ! but noat all of them in one big experiment!


Red iron oxide+ aluminum= Thermite, sulfur+ magnesium powder+ kno3= flash powder, you can also make rocket candy with kno3 and sugar (look up how to do that on youtube). there are many more things you can also make. have fun and be careful!

This guy explains the rocket candy better than anyone I've seen on youtube. I've used this recipe quite a few times. it is super easy and makes some great smoke trails. Iron oxide can be added to speed the burn rate as well, and I haven't tried it, but I think you can add the aluminum flakes to make sparks.

thank you for all of the ideas !
does anyone know the quantities that you need to make thermite? i cantseem to find any!

10grams aluminum for every 20grams red iron oxide i think..... but you can look up the recipe on you tube for sure :)

Sulphur, potassium nitrate (KNO3) and charcoal make gunpowder (you can find the proportions yourself) - varying the proportions will make rocket-fuel or explosive.

Zinc+ sulphur makes another rocket fuel, so maybe powdered aluminium and sulphur will do the same.

Iron oxide... not a lot.  Maybe mix it in to give sparks?

You can also make blown off finger(s) and a nasty head wound if youaren't careful!

Oh, and burns of varying degrees...  That too...

By all means, BLOW **** UP!  Just take precautionsso you don't blow yourself up...  Otherwise you won't be able toblow up more things in the future.

Is it just me, or does this reply system omit spaces, here and there?

Iron oxide + aluminum = thermite...fun on its own...<br />


I should have spotted that!