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what i need to create AI controlled Drone? Answered

hey guys i am trying to create a drone that can pick up thing and deliver it to their destination indoor .
i want indoor positioning system and AI for drone . can anyone of you tell me how to do it .



the first problem that i am facing is how to connect 6 motors to arduino Mega .

i want my drone to be light weight as well as smart.

and also

thanks for all your comments .

My plans for indoor is to use Image Processing using Image Bookmarks to identify objects and destination , and for coordinates it will remember the distance covered in each direction/axis (x,y,z) , which i will calculate using Accelerometer .

can i create indoor positioning system using the method ???

and also i want to add some claw to its feet to pickup object like birds pickup using their feet.

and to avoid obstacle i will use Ultrasonic Module.


3 years ago

You need a smart flight controller that is able to 'see' its surroundings to avoid obstacles, and some fancy high tech sensors to allow it to see. I think a raspberry pi and some 3D scanning lasers and camera's can be used. Ultrasonic modules, etc. YOu will need a way to tell it how to get from point A to B, like coordinates, and to get a absolute value for where the drone is, a GPS or similar indoor setup would be required.

If the area the quad is flying in is static, then it would be possible to program in the restricted flight areas in within the zone, and use a coordnet system so that the quad can always know where it is.


Check out a game called Garry's Mod To make a Prototype and learn the Flight Mechanics.

It's a Sandbox Physics type game that you can learn the basics of how to Code a Quadra-Copter and navigation. Give you the benifit of trial and error with only Pixles instead of $$. Check You-Tube !

For the real world app, I would suggest you look into how the film industry uses 3D motion capture.

Ask in Japan, they already use flying copters to deliver inside a restaurant.

Start with a proper AI ;)