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what if i use household materials to "carry hydrogen and oxygen on its normal state? Answered

What if i instead of using expensive materials and building cryogenic systems to store oxygen and hydrogen...
   I use electrolysis to separate oxygen (Negative) and hydrogen (positive) from water and store it in a water bottle so that i have a portable system of hydrogen and oxygen so that i can use it a few minutes after its "extraction".


Yess... I say with caution, of course you can store gas in a bottle - Generally captured over water to make sure the gas isn't contaminated.

I am assuming your water bottle is empty?

Your not going to get much gas without compressing it though - Depends on what you want to do with it.

The bottle is empty only for the oxygen.
Thank you for the help :D


5 years ago

That is actually a great way to do it !

Also you avoid storing Hydrogen..
Hydrogen is a single atom which leaks from any pressure container
devised by man..  It Hy  is sliding between the empty spaces in the metal cylinder atomic structure  used to contain it.......


Thanks for the help :)

Absolutely no problem at all.
The reason cryogenic storage is used is that oxygen gas at room temperature / pressure will have 848 times the volume of liquid oxygen.  For hydrogen it will be 860 times more.
Pressurised storage is also used, but a much greater volume can be stored when in liquid state.

I would like to thank you for giving the main ideia in the next topic i will be posting.
Thank you for your help :D