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what is a food item that composts very quickly? Answered

I hope to learn what I can put in my compost bin, that would be ready for planting in spring...



Best Answer 7 years ago

Any vegetable matter. Stalks and grasses should be chopped fine. Mellons should cut in small pieces.

. +1. Even woody material breaks down fairly quickly if you turn it into small pieces first..

...and pee on it occasionally. Male for preference apparently,

Anything with protein tends to attract vermin, and creates smell, so no meat scraps, or egg shells if your neighbors live close. I use all kitchen waste like carrot tops, potato peels, the insides of bell peppers, the slop leftover from carving a jack-o-lantern, apple peels etc. ( seeds from pumpkins etc can turn into seedlings later on if your compost bin does not generate the required heat...)

I also add a shovel full of good soil to get the micro organism population started a bit faster, add worms whenever it rains and they are all over my patio, and a half a cup of molasses to really get things moving. I have good results, and mix up the variety with random grass clumps or weeds from the neighbors etc. variety is your friend.

Bananas "take the cake" in my experience. Or perhaps Mushrooms.

Almost anything that once grew - DON'T put Meat or fish in it unless you like rats and flies. Turn once or twice and it should be ready next year - Adding chicken manure helps the rotting process.