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what is a good simple Local dns that can be installed on a computer for my intranet? Answered


.  Have each computer use a common HOSTS file with the necessary entries for your local network. Can't get much more simple than that.


7 years ago

If you want to use a browser for this then just bookmark it like Lemonie says.
If you want file access then just use the Windows file explorer and it will list everything on the network that is set to share.
If you want to have all access to certain files then set up a network drive, give it a letter and have it reconnect every time the machine starts up.

Why? (do you want to have a DNS server on your intranet)


I want to be able to access my other computers on my intranet through a domain name like "http://Computer1" as opposed to using the ip adress of computer name like "\\" or "\\Computer1". There are two main reasons for this:
First, I dont want to have to type in the ip adress every time, and i want to be able to access it like a website (Http://Computer1.com or .net or .local/Home.html

Second, I want to be able to access my computers from my ipod touch (I am broadcasting wifi from my router connected to my intranet), but the ipod cant use backslashes(\\)

Hmm, I'd bookmark these, so it wouldn't make any difference.
But, there's possibly internet-speed-up freeware still available that caches DNS entries locally. If you can get such, edit the database to point to your IP.