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what is a really good prank that i can pull on my 13 year old cousin? Answered

i'm 13 years old too and part of my family is going to the beach next week (june 26) so every year i freeze his underwear(soak them with water and put them in the freezer), and thats real fun but its getting old. so please tell me something that he will remember for the rest of his life.




Best Answer 8 years ago

1. Dig a large hole in the sand. Fill it with balloons. Cover with a layer of sand. Somehow trick your brother into walking across it.

2. Anti-trick him.

"Accidentally" let him spot hints that you are planning an enormous, incredibly embarrassing prank - lists of things to buy, names of people you will be sending the pictures to. Screens like this one. Act suspiciously occasionally whilst packing for the trip, or whilst setting up the hotel room / tent / whatever, or in a huddle with family members.

Let him get seriously twitchy and paranoid about the huge prank, then don't actually prank him.

i like it. i didn't even think about that one! i think that i could even do that on EVERYONE at some part of the visit.

I have to agree with Kiteman: the Psychological prank never gets old. Either that, or plastic cling wrap across a doorway. Duct tape to a wall and watch him slam into it.

classic. i'll do that next year but my parents will get ticked off if i use a ton of saran rap. i'll just buy my own. thanks. i completely forgot about that one.

Get your parents to pretend to drive off without him at a bathroom break. Leave someone there hidden so they can let him know it's a joke in case he freaks out.