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what is a very basic home made wine recipe for a beginner? Answered

this is just for personal consumption.  we tried making some and it seems to be just vinegar!  Yuck!!!



I have had very good luck with the frozen fruit in walmart, blackberrys and mixed fruit. 5 cups fruit and 3 cups sugar and 6 cups warm water and 2 packs of regular bakers yeast and I have made some great wine. Use air lock keep around 75 degrees in 7 days you have great wine.

Grape juice & wine yeast works. BUT, you need to exclude air, and it will lack tannin so be rather "soft" - white OK red not-so.
Apple juice & wine yeast similar - cider.
www.instructables.com/id/Plum-Wine/ - clean & sterilise everything well, start at step 4 but ignore the plums


True enough. We used some of those premade airlocks that were very popular during the mid 70s, which corked the bottle and allowed the excess gas to bleed off.

The only issue we ever ran into of any merit was when we stupidly decanted one batch of ~ 3 gallons of cherry/mulberry wine into a copper pot (because it was big enough). My friend's mom declared it toxic and off limits, and she forced us to pour it all down the drain while she watched. A sad day for us, (first tastings prior to decanting showed it to be some of the best stuff we ever made) but we learned the hard way that you should never decant wine into copper...  The pot got really shiny though.

You let too much oxygen get to it. :) Next time keep it sealed, preferably with an airlock, but if you don't have one just take the lid off 2-3 times a day and kinda stir it. For my first batch ever I just threw sugar, yeast, juice and pine needles (for tannin. I don't really recommend it though...) in a jar with holes in the lid and covered with a towel.

We used to use frozen Welch's grape juice as a starter back in the 70's. We'd add mulberry juice or apple juice or whatever was on hand. Turned out ~ok...definitely not vinegar, but not very high proof either.