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what is an intructables patch? Answered

i was looking around and i realised that when you go on the profile of people u have subscribed to, it has a button that says to send a patch... i was just wondering what that meant



Best Answer 7 years ago

it is something only pro members can do and they only do it when they think that you are worthy of getting a patch from them which is pretty special because it means you are recognized my them and they gave one of their patches (the amount of patches is limited) to you. it could also mean you have accomplished something like be the 300th commenter for that pro member or win a contest or something of that nature

I use it as a medal for an 'ible which is particularly well detailed, and/or covers a sophisticated project.

It's a little icon "badge" that pro members and instructables staff members can give to other users as a token of appreciation or admiration for their efforts

It's a small picture that can be sent with a short message. See here under "patches"