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what is important about playing the guitar.? Answered

Over the years many young players have said to me "Boy ,I wish I could play like that"   My stock Question is:  Do you enjoy playing.??? of course most say yes.  I would tell them that's the important thing not if you are as good as this or that person.   Each individual has their style, to illustrate, I was ill some years ago and my wife and I went to a concert...Box Car Willie, as the band struck up with a steel guitar I looked at my wife and said "Dave Nutt: and indeed it was when the curtains opened,   You see we all have our own "Personal" style...Forget copying anyone be yourself.  I can't think of a single successful guitarist  who copied someone else here are a couple of examples Chet Atkins, Albert Lee(He has been playing as long as me, currently works for Earnie Ball in the states) and James Burton.    2.Mark Knopfler. 3 Johnny Hiland (Who is Blind) all different ...similar styles with some and yet still different.   So keep pickin' and enjoying.





So interesting)

But I think you would want to try to copy someone's playing or technique to better yourself or for inspiration. Of course, you add your own spin.

Whatever, we see on this site or any other is merely the "Opinion" of that person, just because I have over a half century of experience most as a pro does not make me infallible, its Just my opinion...Like you have just expressed YOUR opinion, and that's fine...Others will no doubt express their opinion but it doesn't mean that any one of us is right or that the opinion is etched in stone as we say. Its just like a jury, with the very same evidence some can conclude guilty and others Not guilty two utter extremes,...with the "Same" evidence, however, neither should berate each other for their conclusion. Its true that only one is right but that doesn't alter their decision that they arrived at.

It was neither a confrontational remark nor anything to devalue your opinion or viewpoint.

I will restate my comment as: I would also think that us non professional players or those without the good years of experience or are not prodigies, speaking for myself,  could learn something by copying how someone plays or writes a tune in order to better oneself or expand their creative horizons.  I do not know exactly what you meant in the context of copying but I as a person who just tinkers around keyboards for the fun of it, have been trying for years to learn how to play licks from artists I like.  I know I cannot achieve their level of technique or artistry but I know my fingers might move similar to something I have heard before. I agree that one should do their own thing and be creative.

A snarky remark I would have made is "As long as it is not Guitar Hero or Rock Band".

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I didn't take it as confrontational, and as I said clearly we all have a right to our opinion and thats all it is, an opinion. As regards guitar hero etc when I started playing in 1953 we didn't have computers let alone GH. ha ha.

Thanks for the welcome.

Keep grinnin & pickin'