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what is meant by ESCs calibration? Answered

I know how to calibrate ESCs on the quad-copter. Howver, I dnt understand the concept of calibration. What is meant by ESC callibrarion? what happens when we calibrate the ESCs? is it so they move synchronously or so the PWM signal reaches each ESC at the same time?


www.filtetes.com - They have a video on setting up.

Your transmitter stick travel may not match your ESC so you need to match them together - In general you set stick to 0 - Connect ESC to battery - ESC bleeps

Set stick to 100% ESC bleeps - Set stick to 0 again and the ESC beeps several times showing the process is complete.

This way full throttle on your transmitter will be full power to your motors.

ESC calibration is setting the endpoints of the esc all the same. 1ms pulse means 0%, 2ms is 100%. That way when the controller sends a 1.5ms pulse, all esc's know that means 50% power. Without calibration, one ESC may see 1.5ms as 60% and another may see it as 40%.

Can you plz elaborate what i meant by sertting end points? Does it mean that setting the peak to peak distance in the PWM signal? And dows jt always have to be 1ms? Like is it standard?

it's the standard. Like I said, you could do that by measuring the motor rpm

presumably it's to make sure that the same pwm in = same rpm