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what is the best at home remedy for tattoo removal? Answered

has anyone heard of nuviderm


Nuviderm is THE at-home-remedy... but my friends who have used it haven't really been happy with the results. There's another product out there that doctors can prescribe, but it's supposedly carcinogenic (from the nuviderm website). I'm not inked myself, so I haven't had the opportunity but a lot of my friends have. Other problems were discomfort (it burns like 10,000 suns one said) and for one friend a few mild infections through the treatment process. Here's the pros and cons: Pros: 1. Cheaper than laser treatments but with a similar discomfort level. 2. Less risky than surgery. 3. Private procedure that doesn't require you to leave home. 4. Most tattoos WILL fade to an acceptable level, completely hidden usually as soon as you can tan again. Cons: 1. Slight risk of infection. 2. Requires dedication and time. 3. Zero doctor supervision. 4. No method except surgery will completely remove all tattoos, expect a little leftover ink in your now-faded tattoo.

I was wondering the same thing too. Does anyone know how to make a home laser tattoo removal device?

Also, I tried using a magnifying glass. It is painful, but it creates the same effect as laser treatment, only will leave more scarring.


7 years ago

if it is small you can cut it out in other words use a knife or razor and make alot of cuts over it very painful but very efective

Hydrochloric acid or a scalpel