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what is the best fishing bait that works ? Answered

what is the best fishing bait that works.


I have no idea if it's the best or even works but both times I went sea fishing I ended up throwing up over the side, My colleagues referred to it as ground bate! :-)

Whatever the fish are looking for. That's what fishermen have been asking and trying to answer for thousands of years, and spend billions and billions of dollars on.

depends where you are fishing, fresh or salt water, also the time of year, the time of day, color of water, foilage, you get the picture, details please :))

What kind of fish are you trying to catch?

Are you fishing in a lake, a river or the ocean?

Are you going to be casting, trolling, using a down-rigger, sitting on a dock with a bobber, ice fishing out of a hole???

Really need more information, because there is no "one best fishing bait", just like there is no one best lure. There are also thousands of kinds of fish, and they all like something a little different..

Depends on what kind of fish your after. Sometimes lures are better then bait is you know how to use them.