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what is the best free software to design electronic circuits? Answered

I need a free software to design electronic circuits.. before i execute them on a breadboard or a strip board..
online software is also fine..


Fritzing is a vary simple and basic program for this. There is a breadboard layout you can use to easily work out your basic wiring. Then you can perfect your layout on a PCB. They also offer a service to have your PCB devices manufactures. There are a couple other companies that offer free circuit programs like this and similar manufacturing services.


Eagle Cad is another. The free option is limited but still vastly more detailed than Fritzing but not vary user friendly for first timers.


For Through hole schematics use Fritzing ; No Doubt. it's nice, quick and easy to use.

Personally I despise Eagle for anything but SMD. If you want to have a professional board, it offers many more tools you may want to look into. Also Eagle files are accepted at far more manufacturing facilities.

Shops prefer Gerbers. Can you get that out of Eagle ? I use Pulsonix and Altium if I have someone forcing my arm up my back.

Yes, Eagle will output Gerber files. Check the link mpilchfamily posted for the details

Try 123 Circuts

Hey has anyone tried 123 Circuts? It's the one hosted here by Autodesk.

diy-layout-creator can handle schematics and stripboard. Designed for wiring and layout of electric guitars, but Ive used it for all my stripboard projects, quick n easy.

Use a pencil and paper. Amateur circuits rarely need fancy tools, and the ideas flow easier with P+P.