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what is the best metal for shurikenor ninja stars? Answered

limeted supply of money ($10)


I'd go with carbon steel. Are you able to heat treat it?

I've never tried this but I'd be curious how well it worked. Take some hard steel, such as a circular saw blade, and heat in a charcoal grill. Rig up a blower to keep air blowing through to make it hot and leave it in there until bright red (or as hot as you can) and then let the fire die down and go out over the course of a few hours.

Take out the blade and cut it to shape with a hacksaw. Sharpen the edges.

Now, rebuild your fire and get it cherry red. Grab it with tongs and drop it in a bucket of water. Now, I'm sure some blacksmith types are tearing out hair, but if so let me know a better color and quench media.

The blade may be relatively brittle, but may hold an edge well.

There are probably resources online for this sort of heat treatment. Look for steel tempering.

No offense, but actually you would get the steel hot enough that it no longer sticks to a magnet and then quench it in oil, then being very carful (the metal at this point is very brittle) you bring it up to about 500 degrees for an hour or so and let It cool, this hardens and tempers the metal to be not so brittle but just as hard and sharp

None taken! As I said, I figured someone with more practical heat treatment experience would know better. Thanks for the correction!

Also, be careful as this involves lots of heat and sharp metal. Don't abuse it and probably wear safety glasses while throwing it the first few times. Don't sue me. 8P


4 years ago

I made a realy nice we'll balanced 6 point shuriken, from a piece of hot rolled 14 gauge mild steel I got from a metal store it was about 48" by 48" and cost me just under $10

Try using a pizza cutter blade and cut and shape it with a dremel or hacksaw.

The very best steel is unobtanium, but it is virtually impossible to obtain.....

There is nothing you can get for ten bucks that will work. You'd be best off with the top of a tin can cut to shape. Seriously. Don't buy anything that is stainless steel. Stainless steel is harp, but extremely fragile, it can not bend to absorb the shock of getting hurled at something. Here is probably the best throwing star on the market:

i think a alloy will be better Adamantium its one of the best >>>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adamantium


7 years ago

Circular saw blade steel.


7 years ago

Metorite alloyed with a 600 year old ship's anchor forged over a heretic's funeral pyre and quenched in the blood of a Quetzalcoatl.

Stainless steel. Very hard, but also hard to work with, and expensive.
Aluminum, titanium, tungsten, platinum, iron, etc...
you can use adamantium. lol it's what wolverine's bones are made up of! HAHA

of course, it's fake.


 the original ones were made of steel but a thicker sheet of aluminum or titanium should work unless you can aford a smallish sheet of steel

The hardest metal that you can cut and shape.  Otherwise any point/edge you put on it will be lost very quickly.