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what is the cheapest way to make a AA joule thief HV? Answered

After trail and error i have made a joule thief with the following:

2n3409 transistor,
1k ohm resistor,
and an air coil.

what would i need in order to boost the power up to say 100v or more?

the cheaper the parts the better, at least for now.

I've read some what about micro controllers and using 2 555 times, but i am unable to use anything that requires a computer.
everything needs to be simple enough to be used via a bread board.

I am desiring high enough frequencies and voltage to jump a small spark gap.
i am aware the spark is waste, but that is the point.


An air cored coil isn't going to help - you need a real core, for efficiency. And some more volts to start with will significantly help.

Pump the output onto a capacitor, via a resistor and discharge that.


'Try this.  It shows lighting an neon bulb and they usually take 90 volts to light.

I don't have 1, i do have a digital meter, but not entirely familiar with it. it showed about .964v when led was being lit and i had the understanding it is supposed to be much much higher. I am currently doubling the windings in hopes it will add to the out put.

I want to make cold electricity, i need really high out put first.

An LED is a substantial load on a Joule thief circuit, measure it across say a 10K resistor instead.

A joule thief of not the only switching power supply design

Unfortunately, a JT is the only power supply I can offord. I have a lot to tesla type info, but I require a sufficiant power source before I can utilize any to it.

A simple design that amplify a AA JT is currently my only option. Any info provided towards the objective is greatly appreciated.

A JT is a nice way to suck a dead battery dry, but its not the only power design. Take a look around on Instructables for other designs.

I am aware JT's extend a batteries life, however, I desire to be able to keep it fully charged at the same time.

I have infact searched instructables via google for various designs. I am uncertain if there are any that specifically relate to what i am searching for.