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what is the circuit operation of TV-B-Gone??? Answered

plss... i nid the answers right now! i nid it to my research paper hir in school....  tnx



Every time you press the button, small, captive-bred gremlins are teleported into the TV's mechanism, where they eat all the picture-rays before they hit the screen.

In other words, don't wait until the deadline to do your homework, research it yourself instead of demanding answers.

Yes, the gremlins also have a nasty smoking habit, if you put abuse your gremlins, they let their smoke out, and refuse to work.....

Not to mention that their labor union can be really uncooperative at times. That's why I use my magic wand and the "Televisio Mortis" spell instead. That way if it doesn't work I have only myself to blame.

Eww nid englimus classess 2.  eye  caan hardelie reed you're qeustien.  Mor peculiarily spellin klass.

But to answer what I think your question is.  TV-B-Gone works just like a regular remote it sends an ir signal to the tv.  Here's a link that explains it better.