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what is the fastest way to get $600 so i can buy a dell inspiron duo? Answered

really what is the fastest way and i cant get a job job because im only 13.so any suggestions


by far the fastest and eisiest way is to mow lawns. 20 dollars for an average lawn is considered VERY cheap and will most likely land you quite a few yards, and they will need mowed aproximatly once a week. I have been mowing lawns since I was 12. just make flyers or put an add in the newspaper. if you figure you mow 10 lawns, thats 200 dollars a week, so in a mere 3 weeks you should have plenty enough for your new toy. and as a bonus, you will continue to be able to make more money throughout the summer, unlike selling all your old junk. Good luck!


7 years ago

Learn how to fix your friends and schoolmates computers and charge them $20.00 and hour for it which is a good rate considering what any store will charge. Just make sure you know what you are doing and tell them your not liable if things go very badly. Oh, if you make more than $400.00 you will need to file federal income tax in order to pay the social security self employment tax.
Shoveling snow and cutting grass are also good alternatives.

Also, of course, talk to your parents about why you want/need it, why you've picked this particular machine, and so on. They may be willing to let you take on additional chores for pay, or make some deal for a loan. Or they may not.

Also, consider asking all your relatives to get together and make contributions toward this your single birthday present for the year.

Also: Stop buying candy, soda, comics, baseball cards, and anything else you can live without. A buck a day adds up to $365 for the year.

Yep I second Ebay - Get all your relatives and neighbours to donate their unwanted "junk" and sell it.

Look for what you can sell easily without waiting a long time and what may fetch good prices i.e. will be wanted by several people.

Depending on where you are in proximity to the US/Mexico border, drug mules can make several grand in one run, and since you're a kid (and smugglers/drug dealers have little to no regard for human life) border patrol wouldn't suspect a thing (unless of course you look like "them"). If you're not that risky, set up an ebay, etsy, and paypal account (ask your parents if they will tie it to your bank account) and sell your stuff online.


7 years ago

Gather up all of the stuff you no longer want and have a garage sale. Talk to your parents, relatives and neighbors and offer to sell things they no longer want at your garage sale for a commission of 30-50%. Negotiate your commission if they are reluctant.