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what is the most productive,fastest and cheapest factory machine that can produce a pipe door spring gun? Answered

the link is below
because i own the idea of it and i want to be able to sell them so i can make my first major and big income
i also need it to be effectant,little or no matince,and little or no cost to operate and i need it to be a max size the size of 1 cubic meter
i also need it to be alavalable to almost everywhere


You get someone in e.g. China to make 'em, and ship 'em over in thousands. Or you forget it and do something more productive.



Seeing as you invented it there is no factory machine to make it in bulk. If there were then you didnt invent it because it was already being mass produced.

You can however design your own machine or team up with a machine producer to design one together.
The only problem is your list of requirements. It has to be productive, fast, cheap, efficient, maintenance free, cost free, small and widely available. I'm sorry to break it too you but that combination is just not going to happen.
If you really want to mass produce it I would suggest handmaking them. Once you have enough capital you can invest in machines that make the parts you need (these will probably be easier to source). Later when you built up more capital you can design a machine that puts the parts together.
Alternatively you could try for financing with a partner to get the machines all in one go. Just make sure you have a good business model when you approach a potential investor.