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what is the recipe of safe homemade tattoo ink? Answered

homemade tattoos



It can be done it isnt as safe and if not done right wont look anything close to professional but i did mine around 3 years ago with no issue and no fading or spotty or patchiness ... this one of those do it at your own risk things, and if your gonna do it make sure you do it right... my camera blow and does it no justice at all and im quiet sure ill get replies saying that its spotty or patchy or whatever... trust me its the picture not my tattoo, ill try to get a better picture soon to post, but here it is my fiancee's initials... oh and the H isnt as dark as the rest of it it was like that when i done it i was buzzed off some alcohol and i got lazy


Thoroughly burn some clean dry wood to create black ashes. You will need quite a bit of ash. Completely powder the ashes by crushing or blending. Then you need to make this into a thick smooth liquid by mixing it with vodka, use the blender again, as it will take a while. You can use water, but vodka is a cheap non toxic disinfectant which will keep your ink clean and safe. Make sure all your mixing storage and preparation equipment (blender) is nice and clean. Also all your tattoo equipment. Infection will cause fading and scarring. Make a new batch each time, and pay attention to the measurement of the ingredients to keep the colour consistent. Use small batches and add vodka (to the ink) while tattooing to get the right consistency.

My son is a tattooist & has spent a good deal of his time fixing the results of amateur efforts done with a variety of inks, long story short there is no replacement for properly manufactured tattoo ink being applied by a skilled artist with quality equipment who has a decent portfolio & dozens of recommendations from happy customers decorated with beautiful designs.

Aside from the very obvious problem of health issues arising from injecting under your skin an ink that was never designed for that purpose which can & regularly does lead to serious damage to skin & tissue there is also the question of how long it will last, colours that stay bright & recognisable for decades are not going to be squeezed out of felt tip pens or printer cartridges, fountain pen ink will fade to charcoal grey or blue over time & you will invariably end up with a blurred patchy mess because the ink hasn't been injected uniformly.

If you want a tat then save your money check out the local artists & pay for it to be done professionally, if you want to be a tattooist then work up a portfolio of designs and ask advice from reputable professionals about learning the trade, see if you can get trained in a decent tattoo parlour & generally go about it properly.

Once done tattoos or the scars left by them are there for life, the only alternatives are laser removal or surgery both of which can often cost as much as ten times more than doing the job properly in the first place.

I agree with mpilchfamily, you should not try to make your own ink and go to a professional tattoo parlor instead. If you do make it yourself and happen to make a mistake you could end up with anything from a rash, an allergic reaction, an infection, blood poisoning or even death, just to name some possibilities.

If you want a temporary tattoo, meaning ink is NOT inserted under the skin but just "drawing" on it and have the tattoo stay for a month or so you should look into something called "Mehndi" which is an Indian type of bodypainting using henna.

A popular search term would be "Henna tattoo". As far as I know henna is pretty affordable.

There isn't one. This is something being injected into your skin so stick with actual tattoo ink. Don't try to make your own.