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what is the size of my laptop screen? Answered

 i have a hp dv8t with an advertised 18.4" screen it's got edge to edge glass and i want to get a screen protector for it.  i've searched but i can't find anyone that makes a screen protector for my computer so i figured i'll just make my own out of piece of screen protector the same size (simply missing the holes for the microphone and presumably the rounded corners on my screen).  HP's website lists the screen size as 18.4 " but it says it's dimensions are 17.16" wide (maybe i'm just reading it wrong) www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/series/category/notebooks/dv8tqe_series/3/computer_store .  There's the link for where HP has the specs for my computer.  If you can help with any of my questions, thanks!


Do you not have a ruler with which to perform measuring activities yourself?

If you're asking how a screen which is 17.16" wide can be advertised as 18.4", that's a different question.  Traditionally, television sets, and subsequently computer monitors, have been measured diagonally.  That allows the manufacturers to quote larger numbers. 

When all screens had the same aspect ratio, this wasn't a problem, just a scaling factor.  Now, if you're trying to compare old TV-style monitors to new HD, the aspect ratio makes a difference in how the "quoted size" relates to the actual footprint (horizontal width) that normal human beings care about.

Additionally to that, the quoted dimensions for a CRT monitor or TV were the diagonal tube measurement, not the viewable screen measurement.  So a 17" monitor may have had only a 15" diagonal viewable inside the plastic surround.  With LCDs, the whole pixel area is visible so the quoted size is the viewable size.

Computer screens are measured diagonally, corner to corner of the display area. 

The screen protector however is being measured in width and height.

Get a ruler and see what the width and height of your screen is.