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what is the square root of Pi? Answered




square root(pi) = 1.77245385

Ofcourse. Just typed it in on my calculator here at home.

 That's what everyone does. (Including me...) No one here is probably that smart to calculate such things in their head....

..no offence, to all the genuises in the world...

Smart people know how to use tools. :-)

No one anywhere. Though writing a "Monte Carlo method" program to calculate pi is simple enough to be a beginner programming exercise: Throw darts at a 2n by 2n square, determine how many of them are inside versus outside a radius-n circle centered on the square. use that to determine the (relative) area of the circle, back-calculate pi from that.. The more darts you throw, the more random they are, and the more precise you are in the in-versus-out calculation, the more this value will approach pi's actual value.

(There are better ways to calculate pi; this is just the one that's trivial to describe.)

Of course if you need more digits of root-pi, they're easy to come by...

1.7724538509055160272981674833411... (with some possible roundoff in the low digits) from a calculator.

And I'm sure you can find it to a few thousand places somewhere on the web. Whether it's accurate...

If you don't have a calculator handy you can also use Google or Wofram|Alpha to get answers to questions like this.

Google example.

Much more comprehensive Wolfram|Alpha example